Uganda National Parks

Uganda National Parks

Single-person day excursions to extended trips for large groups. Special activities include gorilla trekking chimpanzee trekking, sport fishing, mountain climbing, bird watching, Cultural Tours, white water rafting, Safaris and Excursions. We also offer Car hire services, Airport meet and greet assistance, Hotel and lodge booking, Air ticketing both Domestic and international. Uganda National Parks Africa

Paradise Adventure Vacations would love to show you our beautiful country. On your Uganda safari with us you can see animals for instance mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, lions, elephants, an abundance of birds and much more. Additionally go trekking in the jungle, search for big game on the savanna, spot hippos by the shores. Climb mountains, chimps and gorilla trekking and discover the culture or relax in breathtaking nature. 

The park is specifically enriched in a number of activities to be engaged. For example, gorilla tracking as the main activity with an estimated number of over 400 mountain gorillas making it half of the world’s population. With the other half being shared among the two countries Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. A clear definition to its uniqueness and as major reason to term Uganda the Pearl of Africa the award that greatly symbolizes its special beauty.

Murchison falls national park is not only one of the largest but also the oldest Uganda’s national parks. Certainly, with diverse wildlife to fulfill your safari visions. Murchison falls national park being the oldest and largest park. Furthermore, was founded early in 1926 as a reserve and later recognized as a national park 1952. With a total area 3,84km located in the Northern end of the Albertine rift valley districts of Masindi where the sweeping Bunyoro escarpment tumbles into vast. Uganda National Parks Africa

The park host about 76 mammal species and over 451 bird species. The park is also bisected by Victoria Nile which plugs into 45m over the rift valley wall that creates the dramatic Murchison falls. The centerpiece of the park and finally an event in 80km stretch of the river from Karuma falls rapids.

This Uganda’s most popular destination with the highest concentration of wildlife. Such as hippopotamus which floating in Kazinga channel water, and the famous Tree climbing lions in Ishasha sector. The park has also got a diverse of eco-system. Which include sprawling savanna, humid forests, shady, sparkling lakes and fertile wetlands. Finally, the diverse ecosystems make it an ideal habitat for the big game animals, ten primate species and a variety of bird species.

Kibale national park

Kibale forest national park is one of the most magnificent protected areas with Uganda’s tropical rainforest. And one among the best that you can explore because of its outstanding attractions and the geographical setup itself. Specifically situated in the western part of the country and mostly known for its 13 primate species for instance Chimpanzees, Red colobus, black and colobus monkeys and L’host monkeys among others

Despite its size, Lake Mburo National Park certainly has a number of amazing attractions that belie its small stature. With five lakes contained within its boundaries. The most impressive is the lake that gives the park its name: Lake Mburo. The huge lake also stretches away in the distance and taking a boat trip on its tranquil waters which is simply delightful.

Kidepo valley national park certainly boosts diverse wildlife in its capacity at different locations within. And around the park for example prudes of lions that on other occasions appear sited in valleys.  On various rocks herds of elephants, buffalos’ giraffes, zebras, antelopes among other wildlife well spotted on when Kanangorok Hot springs, mount Murungule. While in valleys when they come to drink water.

In addition to the big game animals, Kidepo valley also hosts numerous interesting land ostriches and also rich in hot springs. Attractions in Kidepo are in two valleys of Narus and Kidepo. Narus is enriched in mammals and Kidepo valley popular for hot springs and birds including ostriches which have been hunted by local people and the neighboring Sudanese.

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